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AZ Hot Sauce Lacrosse exists to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse and promote the love and spirit of the game to young men in Arizona. Boys from the youth through high school levels will learn to play "The Hot Sauce Way."

Our coaches are among the best in Arizona, and while they have multiple national championships, state championships, and coach of the year awards under their belts, what sets our coaches apart is that they have been involved with the sport for their entire lives and have deep roots in the lacrosse community and occupy leadership positions at all levels of the sport. Most of our coaches currently have or have had children in the program and are motivated by their passion to see the sport grow and succeed in Arizona. We want to see our Hot Sauce players succeed at the next level, and in life. Read more about our coaches...

AZ Hot Sauce has a simple mission: A.C.H.I.E.V.E. This mission is informed by our core values...


Our coaches and players take responsibility for their own actions and understand that our successes depend on each of us to give our best possible effort.


We are a team, from top to bottom, and we communicate our thoughts, feelings, and intentions in a clear and respectful manner, both on and off the field.


No single Hot Sauce coach or player is more important than the team - 'We'' takes precedence over 'Me.' We accept victory with grace and we offer gratitude to our families, coaches, and opponents for enabling us to play the game of lacrosse.


Our players and coaches are honest and demonstrate our core values through their actions. They preserve honor above outcome.


The Hot Sauce Way is to "bring the heat" by playing with energy, excitement, intensity, and passion while being fundamentally sound and smart.


We "Honor the Game" by always being prepared, giving maximum effort, and working together as a family to promote the sport of lacrosse. We respect the "Creator's Game" given to us by the First Americans by demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play in a fun, positive, and safe manner, and we offer gratitude to those who came before us.


Above all, we expect maximum effort and continuous improvement from our players and coaches. We demand that everyone on the field commit to quality.

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